Our Story


Bob Seebohar, renown Sport Dietitian and father, was desperately trying to find snacks that he could trust enough to give his athletes and his own kids that were not full of added sugar, additives, preservatives, and colorings. He wanted them to include a good amount of protein to help optimize blood sugar and included a wide array of nutrient dense foods to help support physical and cognitive performance. After endlessly searching for something that met his strict snack criteria and coming up empty handed, Bob decided to use his nutrition knowledge and kitchen smarts to develop snacks that would feel good about giving his own kids.



It started in 2019 when Bob was searching for functional snacks for the University of Denver Women’s Gymnastics team (he is their Sport Dietitian). He searched and searched and while he found some snacks that were “okay” and met about half of his strict nutrition guidelines for top performing student athletes, he wasn’t completely satisfied with anything on the market. 

Instead of simply choosing ingredients with a lot of sugar, fat, sodium, dyes and preservatives, he started with the functional properties he wanted in a snack mix.  This had to be fuel for some of the best student athletes in the country and one that he felt good giving his own kids so he started with his absolute must haves: 1) a great source of antioxidants, 2) rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and Omega-3 fats, 3) optimal for controlling blood sugar, and 4) a great taste that the most challenging palates would like.



Most snacks do not contain all of the essential amino acids the body needs and are, therefore, not a complete source of protein. This was an absolute must as Bob developed his flagship product - Gourmet Snack Mix, because protein, especially the amino acid leucine, is so important for activating muscle protein synthesis. This is why he chose to combine milk protein puffs with almonds and walnuts - to maximize protein synthesis. This is also the main distinguishing difference between Bob’s Gourmet Snack Mix and any others on the market. The milk protein puffs have roughly three times more protein than nuts and almost five times more leucine! Read more about why this is important for all ages in our FAQ section.

Each hand-picked ingredient in all of our snacks has a specific purpose for supporting optimal health and physical and cognitive performance. Gourmet Snack Mix, ENRG BITES and Protein Puffs will fuel your daily adventures no matter where they take you - traveling, running errands, studying, working out, or just wanting a super functional, high quality, complete protein snack while you are in the comfort of your home.

These are truly remarkable snacks for kids, families, fitness enthusiasts, and high performing athletes!