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  • "Snacks you can trust."
  • Artisan Snacks

  • "Snacks you can trust."

Artisan Snacks

"Snacks you can trust."

Artisan Snacks

"Snacks you can trust."

Welcome to All Around Snack Co.!

“As a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics, and parent of three active kids, I have a passion for high-quality ingredients and food that supports optimal health, fitness and athletic performance.

I encourage you to read The Story of All Around Snack Co. as I am sure you will appreciate it and will enjoy the methodical approach I take in creating snacks with ingredients that are free from dyes, harsh preservatives and artificial ingredients, low in sugar, are a complete source of protein, and of course, taste great.

I hope you enjoy what I have created and feel good about sharing it with your family and friends!”.

-Bob Seebohar


ENRG BITES are a complete protein source with high quality prebiotics, probiotics, low added sugars and chock full of Omega-3 anti-inflammatory fats and antioxidants. ENRG BITES will be your go to snack for steady energy throughout the day.

Real ingredients. Real food.

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Protein Puffs

Looking for an easy way to eat more protein? Try our new Cheddar Cheese and Honey Cinnamon protein puffs for a great on the go snack!

Protein Puffs

Looking for a high protein snack? Look no further than our super tasty protein puffs. Our Cheddar Cheese and Honey Cinnamon protein puffs are jam packed with high quality protein and unlike others on the market, there are no artificial colors, dyes, ingredients or chemical preservatives. 

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Gourmet Snack Mix

Gourmet Snack mix is not your ordinary snack mix. It is chock full of complete protein, antioxidants, fiber, anti-inflammatory nutrients and free of dyes, colors and chemicals.

Gourmet Snack Mix

Low in sugar

Complete protein source

Great source of antioxidants

Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats

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I’ve ordered Gourmet Snack Mix several times for personal use and for my team. I love the high-quality combination of ingredients. It is so much healthier than purchasing off the shelf at a grocery store. These healthy snacks fuel our body and keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day providing consistent energy.

Gourmet Snack Mix, in any flavor, provides a low sugar, high protein snacking option that includes antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats.

How we fuel our bodies and what, when and how often we eat is a direct reflection on high performance and cognitive sharpness. As the head women’s gymnastics coach at the University of Denver and a mother of two, I’m completely confident in Gourmet Snack Mix for both athletic and personal use. I encourage everyone to give a try!

-Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart, Head Coach, University of Denver Women's Gymnastics Team


A delicious blend of high quality ingredients with low added sugars, antioxidants and digestive boosting prebiotics and probiotics. Feel good about eating nut butter again!

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I don't like raisins and soy nuts don’t agree with me so I rarely purchase snack mixes. When I found out about Bob's Gourmet Snack Mix, I read the ingredients and purchased both the Savory and the Dark Chocolate & Tart Cherries to give them a try.

Absolutely delicious snack, not just for trail but to keep around the house.

Those whey puffs are outstanding. If I could give stars I’d give them both a 5 (I’m putting in my 2nd order). 


This gourmet snack mix is clutch for anyone - a go-to for guaranteed energy with the right nutrition for fuel and recovery. The flavor is a bonus.

And, I've found that my whole family, loves it!


The Dark Chocolate & Tart Cherries Gourmet snack mix is such a treat!

I am always looking for healthy and tasty snacks for our family, and this product really delivers. The ingredients are high quality and all the nuts, fruits and dark chocolate arrived whole and in perfect condition!

The protein puffs are the secret sauce that make this snack mix amazing.  It provides the perfect amount of health and crunch to balance out the rest of the mix.  It is music to my mouth!  You can tell these are small batch snacks made with love and care. I love that the fiber content is high and the sugar is low, while the protein and carbs are balanced.

Highly recommend!


As somebody entrenched in sports science I understand the need for proper fueling.

As somebody that spends countless days and hours in the mountains each year, I understand the need for convenient snacks.

Proper fueling and convenience are considerations that, until now, have been largely mutually exclusive.

Gourmet Snack Mix is brilliant, delicious, and the perfect snack for adventures.  


I am a snacker. I love to graze and prefer snacking over bigger meals.  Often it is difficult to always find the snack that not only hits the spot but is a healthy choice for fueling a busy workout schedule. 

I have tried both the Dark Chocolate & Tart Cherries as well as the Savory Gourmet Snack Mix and they both are delicious.  I love having a choice depending on what I am craving - something a bit sweeter or something with a bit more crunch and salt. 

What I truly love is knowing I am getting a balance of ingredients that are good for my body anytime during the day.  I feel energized without any sugar induced cravings or spikes. 

I am delighted to have a go-to snack which requires no mental effort on my part, just pure enjoyment.  Thank you so much for this delicious treat!


Your new Gourmet Snack Mix is amazing!  Eating it is like going on a scavenger hunt for the taste buds. Every morsel is unique and tasty and the blending of them on the taste buds as one consumes them is scrumptious. 

Also I found that after a workout, or before a workout not very many "munches" are needed to feel satisfied.  I enjoy them so much I purchased them for my massage therapist, who is also a dedicated runner and strength coach, my running coach, several athlete friends and triathlon coaches and they have all responded how much they enjoy them. 

You have a gold medal with these Bob!! THANK YOU! 


The new Gourmet Snack Mix from Bob Seebohar is awesome!

We’ve been making our own trail snack mix for decades and this is the first one that is better than ours. It’s not only the taste and texture from the combination of ingredients, but it is filling in a pleasantly satisfying way.  

Love the protein puffs! We are buying two large bags at a time now.  Kudos to Bob on this new creation!


It was great to find a very tasty, and wholesome, snack mix to eat after my long runs, or just for an afternoon snack.  Will definitely be purchasing again!


As with all things associated with Bob Seebohar, the Gourmet Snack Mixes are simple, based on his Metabolic Efficiency Training nutrition principles and in addition, taste great. Well done!