General FAQ's

Q: Why did you create a snack company?

A: Our founder and Registered Dietitian, Bob Seebohar, never planned on it but he was so frustrated with the lack of quality snack products on the market that he took it upon himself to create snacks that he felt good giving to his kids and the University of Denver Women's Gymnastics Team (he is their Sport Dietitian). Bob first identified what was important in a snack then he sought out to find high quality, functional ingredients. It took him quite a bit as it is very difficult to find ingredients without chemicals, artificial flavors, colorings, etc. but he did it and has built All Around Snack Co. to support his nutrition philosophy of optimizing blood sugar with high quality food ingredients.

Click HERE for the backstory on All Around Snack Co.

Q: Are your snacks gluten-free?

A: All of the ingredients used in our products do not contain gluten. However, at the current time, we do not have a gluten-free certified facility used in the making of our snack products.

Q: Are your snacks okay to eat if I am a vegetarian?

A: As we answered in one of the questions below, it was very important for Bob to create a snack that was a complete protein and had a higher amount of the amino acid leucine. The addition of whey protein puffs may not make our snacks ideal for those who are vegetarian unless they eat small amounts of dairy products.


Q: Can kids eat your snacks?

A: Absolutely! In fact, this was one of the reasons our founder created All Around Snack Co. He wanted snacks that he could feed to his own kids so feel good about giving your kids any of our snacks and trust that the ingredients will work for them, not against them.

Q: Are your snacks good for older individuals?

A: You bet they are! As we age, we begin to lose muscle and the higher amount of the amino acid leucine in our snacks will help stimulate protein synthesis in an effort to slow this age related loss of muscle. Of course, you should probably participate in strength training also!

Q: Are your snacks good for females?

A: While each female is different, we do know that during the latter phase of the menstrual cycle (the luteal phase), the muscles break down more and more protein is needed, specifically the amino acid leucine. Our Gourmet Snack Mix and Gourmet Snack Bites are chock full of leucine so these snacks are ideal for females at any time but especially during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle.


Gourmet Snack Mix FAQs

Q: Why aren't there any peanuts or raisins in this snack mix?

A: Peanuts and raisins are cheap filler ingredients and we prefer to use nuts and dried fruit with more functional capabilities. Almonds are a better source of monounsaturated fats, fiber and magnesium and walnuts are chock full of Omega-3, anti-inflammatory fats.

Q: Where are the M&M's?

A: Candies like these are full of artificial colors, dyes and other ingredients you can't pronounce we will never add these into any of our products.

Q: What is the difference between Gourmet Snack Mix and a trail mix I can buy at the grocery store?

A: Great question and there are quite a few differences! One of the biggest differences is that Gourmet Snack Mix has whey protein puffs which makes it a complete protein. Most nut based snacks only have plant based protein. We wanted to add these puffs to increase the amount of leucine, an amino acid that single handedly stimulates muscle protein synthesis (super important for everyone of any age or sport).

Secondly, our ingredients do not have anything artificial in them. For example, our dried papaya and pineapple does not contain sulphur dioxide (a food chemical), our dried bananas are unsweetened (who needs the added sugar?), and our dried cherries and berries have been methodically chosen for their functional capabilities and high antioxidant levels.

Third on the list is the exclusion of soy. We do not use any ingredient, specifically our organic dark chocolate, with soy lecithin as the process of extruding lecithin from potentially GMO soybeans uses chemicals. We will have none of that!

Lastly, our whey protein puffs are coated in the medium chain triglyceride coconut oil and sprinkled with either honey and cinnamon or turmeric, ginger and black pepper. All of these spices influence certain genes in the body to support lower inflammation and oxidation.

Q: Will these give me a sugar high?

A: Absolutely not! Our founder, Bob Seebohar, is a Registered Dietitian and it was very important for him to create snacks that would control blood sugar and provide steady energy after eating them. All Gourmet Snack Mix flavors have a carbohydrate to protein ratio under 2.5:1 (anything under a 3:1 ratio is ideal for blood sugar control).


Gourmet Snack Bites FAQs

Q: Why did you make these bites?

A: Our Gourmet Snack Mix is an excellent snack throughout the day but we wanted to have an option that you could eat during exercise. Our Gourmet Snack Bites provide similar functional benefits as does our Gourmet Snack Mix but with the benefit of being super portable and easy to chew quickly. Imagine you are out on the trails, on a bike ride, or at a sport practice and you need something that is quick and easy to eat without ingredients that work against your body. Now imagine it is super tasty and will help with your athletic performance goals and provide you sustained energy. There you have it - Gourmet Snack Bites!

Q: Are there really probiotics in your Gourmet Snack Bites?

A: Yes, yes, yes! Gut health is a top priority for our founder, Bob Seebohar, as he works to improve this with each of his clients. Because of this, we include three specific strains of the Bifidus probiotic strain which support the immune and digestive system and aid in protein absorption in the body. We also include a prebiotic which helps all of these wonderful probiotics do their job more efficiently!

Q: How many probiotics are in Gourmet Snack Bites?

A: We include 500 million CFU's (colony forming units) per bite. Most general recommendations including consuming up to 20 billion CFU's per day, depending on the individual. We encourage eating at least two Gourmet Snack Bites to achieve a minimally effective daily dose of probiotics.

Q: What type of caffeine is in the Chocolate Espresso flavor?

A: We don't like chemicals so there is no lab made caffeine here. We use pure espresso powder from wonderfully dark roasted coffee beans.

Q: Will I get jittery when I eat Chocolate Espresso Gourmet Snack Bites?

A: There are only 8 milligrams of caffeine per bite so unless you eat quite a few at one time, it is not likely. This is just the right amount of caffeine to give you a steady energy feeling without any highs and lows.

Q: Why isn't there nut butter in these bites?

A: Don't get us wrong, we love nut butter but we wanted to use a bit more functional ingredients and honestly, challenge the norm when it comes to energy balls/bites. All of our Gourmet Snack Bites flavors are made with dates and/or tart cherries, both of which have amazing nutrient profiles and are chock full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and micronutrients!

Q: Why does the Berry Gourmet Snack Bite flavor seem like it is "oily". 

A: Even though we use dried fruit (dates and tart cherries) as the main binder(s) in our Gourmet Snack Bites, there is still a small percentage of water content and this is what you see coming from this flavor in particular. Sure, we could have easily fixed this by adding chemicals but that goes against our principles. Needless to say, the Berry flavor is exploding with flavor so you will want to lick your fingers after each bite!


Sweets & Treats FAQs

Q: Why would I benefit from eating these?

A: We created Sweets & Treats to provide a guiltless experience of satisfying the infamous "sweet tooth". We combined 72% organic dark chocolate with dried tart cherries for not only a taste bud bursting experience but also a very functional snack. Dark chocolate has a good amount of antioxidants and is low in sugar and dried tart cherries have natural melatonin in them to help with sleep along with having crazy good anti-inflammatory compounds.